Dark Times zine #2, September 2019

from Wax Lead

The second issue of the Twin Cities' monthly zine, Dark Times. Produced by She's In Control Gothic Radio Hour, Dark Times features art direction and a monthly column by Wax Lead's Holly Axelrod and Cody Bourdot, respectively. This expanded 24-page, semi-gloss, issue,"Back 2 Ghoul" features contributions by: Aurora Sandelands, Kai Peterson, Logan Rodgers, Arik Xist, Maya Parker, Leda Zawacki, Amelia Mohn, Laura F Bennett, Mari Navarro, Teddy Thaden, Majentah Aquarious, Håkon Nelson/Staple - RU, Holly Axelrod, and Cody Bourdot; as well as money-saving coupons for Dark Energy and Studio Payne; promotions from Witch Watch/Lovely Dark, David Daydodge, Gothess, DJ SLT; and the monthly darksider calendar.

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Wax Lead Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wax Lead ("led") is the product of instruments salvaged from fires and alleyways, east-coast bluntness at a mid-west tempo, a grand piano on a zip disk, gunshots in the night, and the pile drivers of gentrification. Throughout it all, Axelrod's soulful voice carries a flickering light. ... more

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